MetaSweepers is an NFT collection of just over 500 uniquely generated and quasi-deflationary sweepers on the Solana Blockchain. Ownership of a MetaSweeper gives you access to an exclusive cross-chain alpha community, membership to the MetaSweepers DAO with a starting treasury of 150 SOL and heaps of utility including routine treasury distributions to holders.

MetaSweepers Roadmap 🧹🧹

Phase 1 (pre-mint)

✅ Creation of Twitter and website.
✅ Release of Whitepaper and Litepaper.
✅ Exclusive release of Discord and whitelist creation.
✅ Initial Alpha sharing.
✅ Complete RadRugs Audit.
✅ Cost effective marketing and voice chat spaces.
✅ Competitions and giveaways.
✅ Preparing whitelist submission for presale.
✅ Preparing mint via MonkeLabs.

Phase 2 (post-mint)

✅ Full mint completion.
✅ MetaSweepers DAO Treasury filled with 150 SOL.
✅ Rarity data to be shared with Moonrank.
✅ Sales Bot set up.
✅ Collection to be listed on popular NFT market (listed on Magic Eden and Alpha Art).
Matrica Labs set up and exclusive holder channels released.
✅ Alpha incubation begins together with holder contribution rewards.
✅ “Big Sweeper” (floor buy-back) mechanism implemented.
✅ Release of lore development.
✅ Treasury funds staked, and used to make NFT acquisitions on behalf of MetaSweepers DAO, subject to DAO approval.

Phase 3 (Utility and DAO development)

🧹 Verification of MetaSweepers collection for peer-to-peer trading.
🧹 Exclusive MetaSweepers workshops.
🧹 Development of MetaSweepers DAO NFT portfolio.
🧹 MetaSweepers DAO custom built voting system set up.
🧹 MetaSweepers DAO staking system released.
🧹 Treasury distributions to holders through hold-to-earn mechanics.

Phase 4 (DAO sophistication, income streams and utility expansion)

🧹 Further sophisticated development of MetaSweepers DAO organisational structure, such as use of realms.today for treasury management purposes.
🧹 Formulation of further income generation streams for MetaSweepers DAO treasury.
🧹 Launch of MetaSweepers merchandise store.
🧹 Breeding, staking and mutation mechanics to be implemented.
🧹 Continued treasury distributions to holders through hold-to-earn mechanics.


When can I get a MetaSweeper?

MetaSweepers will be coming onto the Solana blockchain on 18th March 2022. We are launching via launchpad on MonkeLabs. Further details may be found on our Twitter.

How much for a MetaSweeper?

Subject to any changes in market conditions, the mint price for one MetaSweeper will be 0.66 SOL for OGs and 0.77 SOL for anyone else. We think this provides an excellent low-cost entry point into a powerful DAO with a very large treasury exposure of 694.20 SOL, among other utility features we seek to provide holders.

Any cute prizes?

Ah, given you’ve just kindly asked my fren, if you're lucky enough to mint one of our 21 1/1 NFTs, you will receive the price of minting your 1/1 back.

How do I get on the whitelist?

Those who have an OG or Sweeplist role in the Discord are on the whitelist. Participating and winning competitions and showcasing your alpha knowledge, talents and artistry are some of the main ways you may catch our attention and receive a special whitelist spot.

How many can I mint?

There will be a maximum of 2 mints per whitelisted wallet for the whitelist aspect of the mint. There will be no limits on how many MetaSweepers you can mint for the public sale.

When will you list the NFTs?

We intend to list on a popular secondary marketplace following completion of the mint, subject to their approval which we will apply for as soon as possible.

Where can I find out more?

Please find our Litepaper here. If you want to read more, then please consider our Whitepaper (the Sweepaper) here.

The MetaSweepers Team

More information can be found on our team page!







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